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CMA CGM increases Asia charges


CMA CGM has announced several peak season surcharges (PSS) from India and Pakistan to Latin America, effective from late June and July.

CMA CGM INCREASES ASIA CHARGESThe French carrier has already introduced a PSS of US$500 per 20′ / US$700 per 40′ and US$750 per unit for dry cargo to Panama Atlantic and to the Virgin Islands, respectively. Both surcharges will be effective from 25 June.

On the same date, CMA CGM has also implemented the following PSS from India and Pakistan to several Latin American destinations, only for dry containers.

  • Destination: Colombia Atlantic and Ecuador
  • US$500 per 20′ / US$700 per 40′
  • Destination: Venezuela
  • US$500 per 20′ / US$700 per 40′
  • Destination: Ecuador
  • US$300 per unit
  • Origin: India
  • Destination: Colombia Atlantic
  • US$500 per 20′ / US$700 per 40′
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Destination: Colombia Atlantic
  • US$700 per unit

Furthermore, the Marseille-based container line will apply additional PSS from India and Pakistan to Latin American ports, which will take effect on 13 July and will also apply only to dry cargo.

  • Destination: French Guyana, French West Indies, Suriname, Guyana, Windward, Leeward, West Coast of Central America and Mexico West Coast
  • US$2,750 per unit
  • Destination: East Coast Central America and Caribbean (Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia Atlantic excluded)
  • US$3,250 per 20′ / US$3,450 per 40′
  • Destination: West Coast South America (Ecuador and Colombia Atlantic excluded)
  • US$3,300 per unit

Moreover, CMA CGM will implement another PSS of US$2,750 per dry unit from India and Pakistan to North Brazil from 25 July.

Additionally, the shipping company has announced an overweight surcharge (OWS) of US$400 per 20′ with container gross weight equal or over 22 tons from the Indian Subcontinent to Egypt, which will start on 1 August.

Last but not least, CMA CGM will implement a General Rate Restoration (GRR) from Mozambique to the West Coast of India, Pakistan, the Middle East & the Gulf for dry cargo. The GRR will be US$150 per 20′ / US$300 per 40′ & 40’HC and will also take effect on 1 August.

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