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Freeport of Riga Authority to create digital platform for multimodal cargo services in Latvia


Freeport of Riga Authority has announced the creation of an integrated shared platform to provide multimodal cargo services for sea and land freight, including data exchange with existing information systems of national importance.

With this move, the Latvian port authority aims to promote the digitisation of cargo documents and data circulation and to develop the automation of port and logistics processes.

“We are aiming to become a leader in the implementation of digital technologies throughout the Baltic region,” pointed out Viesturs Zeps, chairman of the Freeport of Riga board.

The implementation of the project will significantly improve the speed of multimodal cargo circulation, reduce the administrative burden and impact on the environment, according to a port’s statement.

The project “Digital transformation of port management, improving the processing and analysis of transport and logistics data” is being implemented under the second component “Digital transformation” of the European Union Recovery and Resilience plan within the framework of the reform and investment direction 2.1 “Digital transformation of public administration, including local governments”.

The project implementation financing is €3.2 million (US$3 million).

Zeps said, “we are working on the digital transformation of port processes in order to introduce the principles of the smart port into everyday life by integrating several information systems that make the port a multimodal transport hub and allow information to move faster than actual cargo carriers.”

He went on to add, “digitalisation of the port not only facilitates the port’s and the port companies’ cluster operation, promoting their role among the logistics players of the region, but also provides data for new solutions aimed for linking the city, the city transport and other solutions.”

Source: Container News

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