How to Calculate Ocean Freight Charges?

Transportation by sea is the most common method of moving bulk as well as Less-than Container Load (LCL) shipments between locations, especially in international trade. Typically, ocean freight invoices are […]

Top 5: The busiest container ports in the Mediterranean

Since ancient times, the Mediterranean has been a very important area for transportation and trade, as it links three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. Container News has demonstrated a list of the […]

Understanding Shipping Container Numbers

Currently, the container capacity of 5 of the world’s major players in container transport is estimated at 16.4 million TEUs (Twenty Equivalent Units). More than 90% of global cargo is […]

Trends in Container Shipping in 2022

Continuing from our previous article where we covered the primary trends expected to drive the Container Shipping industry in 2022, we will in this article delve into certain other factors […]

Chartering vs Owning Vessels: Carrier strategies, Rationale, and Advantages & Disadvantages

In the past two years, since the Covid pandemic upended the entire shipping industry, a common refrain has been the all-pervasive lack of vessels to transport cargo available. As the […]

Sea Freight Vs Air Freight – The Main Differences

Global trade figures stood at USD 22 trillion in 2021. The slight lull in the pandemic situation since mid-2021 is seen as the major factor in this jump of 3 […]

Guidance on new C/O form D

The General Department of Vietnam Customs has guided local customs departments on documents of certificate of origin form D (C/O form D) granted from May 1, 2022. Accordingly, based on […]

What is Multi-storey Warehousing?

Most warehouses worldwide are built as ground-floor structures with several levels of storage racks within. They are designed in such a way that trucks and other vehicles can be loaded […]

Dock vs Pier – What is the Difference?

The words dock and pier are often used interchangeably in common usage to portray the same meaning, however, in the maritime world, they are important structures that allow shipping, trade, […]

What is Ship Management?

Ship management, as the name suggests, deals with the process of managing a ship. Ship management is done by independent companies which use ships of some other companies or independent […]

What is Marine Cargo Insurance and How to Get One?

Marine insurance is a very important aspect that ship owners have to consider. In the absence of marine insurance, ship owners could incur not just loss to their ships but […]

What is Coastal Shipping?

Water transport normally brings up images of ships and tankers navigating seas or oceans, bridging the gap between countries. Typically, shipping is the movement of cargo or passengers across waterbodies […]

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