Types of Container Terminals On The Basis of Ownership

To this day, containerization has largely evolved with the standardized sized boxed units which have enhanced cargo handling and transportation techniques. Containerization has led to a global transformation in trade […]

Ship Chartering Process – The Ultimate guide

When a ship is taken on rent, it is known as ship chartering. Just as people take an apartment or a car for rent, some people may rent a ship […]

What are Bonded Goods in Shipping?

Import of goods to a country normally involves payment of its customs duty, taxes, or any other charges to the government at the time of import. However, in some special […]

Required Documentation For Shipping – Complete List

When cargo is shipped from one location to another, it has to be accompanied by a set of documents authenticating the transfer and the products being transferred. This set of […]

Understanding Transit Time in Shipping

A very simple explanation for the term transit time is that – it is the time or the number of days taken for a consignment to move from point A […]

What is a Letter of Credit in Shipping?

International trade is very competitive, and businesses, banks and financial institutions go the extra mile to provide the best service to their customers.

TEU in Shipping – Everything You Wanted to Know

Developed economies and rapid industrialization has led to the exponential growth of the cargo transport industry. 85% of international trade is done using ocean freight with a very vast majority […]

What Is A Cargo Manifest In Shipping?

A cargo manifest is a consolidated list of all the cargo that is on board a cargo vessel. The list of all cargo carried on the vessel will appear under […]

8 Major Types of Cargo Transported Through the Shipping Industry

The global shipping industry transports goods all over the world, connecting commerce and businesses across continents. In today’s fast-paced world, the speed and capacity of ships have increased.

What Are OEM and ODM In Shipping?

Equipment used in the shipping industry has to be precise and accurate at all times. They must be able to function within a prescribed range, carry out expected tasks, and […]

A Classification of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of dangerous goods through any route of transport requires a lot of precautionary and safety measures. Massive quantities of dangerous goods are transported each day through maritime transport modes. […]

Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS Used on Ships

A ship has to carry different types of cargo which includes oil cargo, chemical cargo, and cargo in gaseous form. These types of goods are hazardous for marine environment as […]

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