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ONE collaborates with PARIS to reduce GHG emissions


Ocean Network Express (ONE) Inland Operations and PARIS Optimal Transport Planning Solution (PARIS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Port Holdings, will work together on a new project aiming to reduce carbon emissions caused by their container transport operations.

ONE collaborates with PARIS to reduce GHG emissions

As part of ONE’s commitment to reduce their environmental impact, they have begun the process to achieve ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification for Europe and Africa region’s landside operations by the end of 2021, according to a statement.

The collaboration with PARIS is expected to help ONE achieve this target, enabling the shipping company to clearly track inland carbon emissions in the supply chain and lower emissions.

ONE’s main objectives for the EMS certification include:

  • Increasing the modal split of container haulage by barge and rail
  • Increasing the total number of reloaded containers
  • Establishing a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission baseline for its landside operations

According to a joint announcemet, PARIS assists ONE by planning and optimising collection and delivery bookings in real-time using available truck, rail and barge/feeder transport options.

In addition, the highly configurable software utilises advanced algorithms and parallel processing to provide optimised transport planning and features to manage transport exceptions, reduce empty mileage and improve service performance.

PARIS claims that on a £20 million (US$27.7 million) transport spend, they can typically save between 5% and 8% of a transport budget, including in excess of 1 million kilometres of reduced empty distance travelled by truck.

“Reduced empty mileage results in a significant carbon footprint reduction,” pointed out PARIS.

This is the second partnership of ONE announced in the last two weeks aiming to accelerate shipping decarbonisation, as the Singaporean container line signed an agreement with PSA on 28 July to reduce GHG emissions.

The collaboration between PARIS and ONE is focussed on enhancing the carbon tracking aspect of the PARIS software, to create ONE’s first landside GHG emission baseline.

The project commenced in early 2021 and from 2022, ONE will begin to collect emissions data from all landside container movements within the Europe and Africa region using the PARIS emissions algorithm.

For the first time, the Singaporean container carrier has the ability to record all emissions arising from each leg of every container’s journey, whilst already choosing to opt for environmentally friendly barge and rail options.

According to the statement, once the first full year’s data set is achieved through the 2022 baseline, ONE will define 2035 mid-term targets for emission reduction to support their further ambition to become carbon-neutral by 2050, for all Europe and Africa regional operations.


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