ZIM has made an order of 1,000 Star Cool reefers with Sekstant door sensors and a similar volume for retrofitting to its existing Star Cool reefers.

The move comes as part of ZIM’s ongoing collaboration with Maersk Container Industry (MCI) to upgrade its ZIMonitor reefer fleet and support the growth of temperature-controlled cargo.

The Star Cool population has rapidly grown with ZIM, now covering approximately one-third of the ocean carrier’s reefer fleet.

The Israeli box carrier has invested in MCI’s complete reefer package, including the Star Cool Integrated and the Sekstant gateway for reefer connectivity.

The Sekstant Door sensor is a wireless door opening surveillance system that has been co-developed by ZIM and creates the tracking and data needed to deliver ZIM’s commercial reefer tracking product, ZIMonitor.

The Sekstant door sensor is an add-on that provides even more information to the digital fleet management system, according to MCI, which explains that this new feature enables the monitoring of the container when the door of the reefer has been closed, and when it has been opened.

The door events are registered in the Sekstant cloud and are visible in the Sekstant user interface. The Sekstant digital ecosystem enables access to real-time reefer information, monitoring, reporting, and seamless fleet management from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the door sensor data is consolidated with the remaining reefer control data including time stamp and GPS coordinates.

MCI said that it comes as a factory-mounted option or can be retrofitted on every Sekstant-equipped reefer.

The wireless sensor connects to the reefer controller, and door events are even captured while the reefer is powered off, making it possible to document if a door event has deviated from the planned timeline, and trigger an alert.

Part of ZIM’s fleet also includes Star Cool CA to cater to the company’s controlled atmosphere shipments.

The Sekstant door sensors are expected to provide ZIM with the data and tracking it needs to deliver ZIMonitor, a first-class solution for high value and sensitive cargo. The new Star Cool CA reefers entered ZIM’s container fleet during March 2023.

Gil Lehmann, head of Global Logistics and Equipment at ZIM, commented, “We are committed to providing the highest level of service and reliability to our customers, and our investment in the Sekstant gateways and door sensors for our Star Cool reefers is just one example of that commitment. With the Sekstant solution, we can better track and monitor our reefer fleet, and provide our customers with real-time information about their cargo, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of their products.”

Source: Container News