23 Important Maritime Codes Used in the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is an extremely professional line of work with set rules and guidelines with regard to the personnel that serves on ships as well as the operation of […]

What are Logistics Risks?

Transportation, warehousing, and inventory management are fraught with risks at all levels. For a successful buy-sell transaction or vice versa, all risk factors must be considered, managed, and countermeasures executed, […]

The Essential Guide to Shipping Container Dimensions – What You Need to Know

Shipping containers are standardized containers used for transporting goods via sea, land, or sometimes air. Understanding their dimensions is crucial for efficient logistics planning and cargo management. As of today, […]

Trends and Outlook for Container Shipping Industry in 2024

A. General overview and review of the Container Shipping industry in 2023 As we step into 2024, it would be worthwhile to briefly review how 2023 was for the shipping […]

15 Reasons For Commoditisation Of The Container Shipping Industry

A common refrain about the container shipping industry is that it has become highly commoditised. Analysts describing the prospects and nature of the industry, while discussing the challenges faced by […]

What is Seaway Bill in Shipping?

A seaway bill is a receipt of goods issued by the ocean carrier to the customer (also called the consignor or shipper). It is a contract by which the ocean […]

17 Benefits Of Using Logistics Technology Solutions To Customers And Supply Chains

Whilst the growth of most industries has been underpinned by the rapid adoption of new technology, the shipping and logistics industry has been a notable exception in this regard. Still […]

What are Port Services?

Bustling seaports around the world handle a staggering 92% of goods traded in the world. Several thousands of intermodal containers pass through such marine logistics hubs as they are transported […]

Differences And Correlation Between Spot Rates And Contract Rates in Shipping

Ever since the start of Covid, there has been a lot of focus in the shipping industry and amongst exporters on the relative developments in spot rates and contract rates. […]

Understanding Maritime Towage And Salvage

When a car breaks down, we call the towing company to have it towed away, moved to a safe place or workshop, and have it repaired. This is quite normal […]

6 Reasons That Lead To Port Congestion

Empty store shelves, out-of-stock products, and apologetic salespeople citing shipment delays are some of the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction. Sure enough, the blame can be pinned on a lack […]

What is GDP Multiplier Ratio in Shipping?

The GDP Multiplier Ratio is a relatively little-known concept. Still, it is widely used in container shipping while evaluating the potential of new markets, preparing commercial plans and formulating long-term […]

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