What is OOG or Out of Gauge Cargo?

If your cargo is extremely large or has unwieldy booms and protrusions that do not fit into standard shipping containers then you have an out of gauge cargo on hand, […]

Damaged Shipping Containers – Causes And Types

The modern – day shipping container is undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions of our time. From the days of hand-loading and unloading cargo boxes and items of different […]

How Port and Terminal Operators Can Control Emissions?

While the maritime industry has, in the past few years, been the subject of intense scrutiny for its GHG emissions, most of the regulatory focus has been on the shipping […]

What is an Open Top Container? Your complete guide [20′ & 40′]

An open top container is perfect for your out-of-gauge cargo needs. Read this blog to find out all about the benefits and uses of this container type. Plus, learn how […]

DDP & DDU Shipping Terms Explained

DDP & DDU Shipping Terms Explained. In international commercial transactions, the terms Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) and Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) are used to indicate two different types of sales […]

What is ETD and ETA in Shipping?

Those in the shipping, warehousing, or supply chain business may be quite familiar with the acronyms, ETD and ETA. Organizations and businesses depend on these two for their planning and […]

Comprehending Transloading in Logistics

Intermodal shipping, transloading, crossdocking… these logistics and shipping terms can be pretty confusing. Each of these terms may even have several different interpretations depending on where it is used and […]

11 Basic Components of Logistics Cost

Finding out how much it costs to manufacture a product and deliver it to the customer helps a business fix a price for the product. It also takes into account […]

Why Dry Ice Is Used For Packaging?

The solid form of carbon dioxide gas is commonly known as Dry Ice. One, which is a colourless and odourless gas, and the other, its solid form, share the same […]

What is HS Code?

These days we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to buying something. Thousands of lines of commodities are available to us for purchase from the supermarket or by […]

Why is an FMC license necessary for shipping to the US?

An FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) license is necessary for shipping to the US because it ensures compliance with regulations governing ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs). OTIs include both ocean freight forwarders […]

23 Important Maritime Codes Used in the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is an extremely professional line of work with set rules and guidelines with regard to the personnel that serves on ships as well as the operation of […]

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