With extensive knowledge of ever-changing government initiatives and international trade practices, we are dedicated to protecting your cargo while providing timely and accurate customs clearance.

Professional Customs procedures will promote the process of customs clearance of goods quickly and conveniently. Customized Customs Brokerage services will help reduce the cost and time required for customs clearance.

Not only that, the prestigious package Customs will help businesses reduce unnecessary expenses incurred during the customs declaration and delivery of import and export goods.

You do not tell us when you can have shipment, you tell us when you want it – even on holiday – and you will get it on time.

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Import customs services; Export Customs Service.
Service of Customs declaration procedures for export – import goods such as:

  • Customs clearance services for export – import of commercial.
  • Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export
  • Customs clearance services for processing goods
  • Customs clearance services for import and export on spot.
  • Customs clearance services for non-commercial goods, …

Specialized inspection services such as import license, automatic import of fertilizers and imported steel goods, quarantine of plants – animals, sterilization of export goods, inspection, .. .
Services of announcing food products and announcing cosmetics, declaration of imported chemicals, regulation conformity services and announcement of product regulation.
Customs service reimbursed due to overpayment, overpayment, due to cancellation of customs declaration has paid import tax, (Refund of import tax and value added tax).
Apply for C / O of forms: Form A, Form B, Form D, Form E, Form AANZ, Form AK, Form AJ, …
Customs clearance service at package from A-Z
Services of packing bales of wood, sparse wood, pallet, …
Transportation service from port to enterprise warehouse by truck, heavy truck and container truck.
Import and export customs services and necessary import-export services.
Import-export service package.

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