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2M Alliance adjusts schedules in Far East – Europe/Med network


2M Alliance has announced schedule changes in its services from Far East to Europe and Mediterranean aiming to mitigate delays and disruptions in its network.

2M Alliance of Maersk and MSC has adjusted the following schedules in its AE6/Lion service:

First effective sailing subject to voyage number change:

Week Service First Impacted Vessel Original Voyage number WB/EB New Voyage number WB/EB Ningbo ETD
18 AE6/Lion MSC Allegra 217W/222E 218W/223E 5 May
18 AE6/Lion MSC Allegra 218W/223E Phase out

“Bottlenecks across the Asia-North Europe network have contributed to an accumulation of delays on our services. We always strive to improve cargo delivery for our customers in challenging circumstances, but even a minor disruption can cause a ripple effect and lead to substantial setbacks,” commented Maersk.

The Danish ocean carrier added that the situation is driven by a number of external factors, mainly terminal congestion, and that the delay accumulation for the service has resulted in gaps in the departure schedules that require adjustment.

Additionally, 2M Alliance has decided to adjust the voyages numbers starting from the following sailings to match with corresponding actual departure weeks of the vessels and services.

First effective sailing subject to voyage number change

Week Service First Impacted Vessel Original Voyage number WB/EB New Voyage number WB/EB Ningbo ETD
17 AE15/Tiger MSC Anna 218W/223E 217W/222E 9 May
18 AE15/Tiger MSC Oliver 217W/222E 219W/224E 15 May
19 AE15/Tiger MSC Tina 219W/224E 220W/225E 27 May

“The unprecedented situation of severe port congestion globally continues to result in accumulation of delays across several services on the Asia to Med network,” said Maersk in a statement.

The Copenhagen-based container line added, “This situation is driven by a combination of increased demand and measures to fight the pandemic across ports and supply chains in general. These accumulated delays are currently causing vessels to sail more than a week late, compared to the planned vessel schedules.”

Source: Container News

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