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APM Terminals Moín handles over 6 million TEUs in five years of operation


In just over five years since the launch of its operations in 2018, APM Terminals Moín (TCM) has handled over 6 million TEUs.

Throughout this period, container volumes have shown growth, increasing from 1 million TEUs in 2019 to 1.3 million TEUs in 2023. Moreover, the average monthly number of vessels calling at the terminal has risen from 12 in 2018 to over 89 in 2023, marking a threefold increase compared to other ports in the region.

Approximately 80% to 85% of the Costa Rican terminal operations focus on the efficient and timely handling of export commodities, including bananas, pineapples, coffee, tubers, and melons. These exports not only drive economic activity but also have a positive impact on job creation, benefiting thousands of individuals employed directly and through subcontractors.

“We have focused on lifting the standard of innovation, and efficiency and providing a quality service for our customers, the development and growth of our partners and the country. The time taken to release cargo, less than 4 days, has been recognized by the Logistics and Customs Commission of the Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce. Now, we are in a solid position to continue being one of the world’s leading terminals and lift the standard of efficiency and reliability even further,” commented José Rueda, general manager of APM Terminals Moín.

Furthermore, the terminal employs advanced technologies for efficiency, including automated gates with OCR systems for container ID verification and appointment scheduling to manage gate traffic. Additionally, OCR technology on ship-to-shore cranes ensures accurate container handling, while high-resolution cameras capture container conditions for visual documentation.

“APM Terminals is a company at the forefront of technology to not only strengthen the security and efficiency of operations but also to significantly improve our customers’ experience. We are committed to continue innovating to keep Costa Rica at the forefront of the best practices in the port industry, contributing to the sustainable development of the global import and export logistics chain,” explained Mehdi Ben Mouloud, deputy director general and chief operating Officer of TCM.

Source: Container News

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