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CMA CGM launches new early container return incentive programme


CMA CGM Group has announced the start of a new early container return incentive programme, under the name “TEUs to Trees”, aiming to increase climate change mitigation in the United States while assisting in both the fluidity and velocity of the supply chain.

The programme took effect on 1 October 2022 and will last until 30 December 2022.

CMA CGM said this new incentive programme is an opportunity to reward customers for doing their part to increase equipment availability while also helping them offset their environmental footprint.

The French carrier noted that the carbon credits it will purchase on behalf of its customers will be used to expand US forestry, support urban resilience projects in vulnerable communities and drive the creation of additional offset projects in the United States.

CMA CGM has also expanded this new early container return incentive to cover both refrigerated and dry containers as well as every US ocean terminal where the company receives empty boxes.

“This enables shippers of all sizes and locations to offset carbon emissions and positively contribute to socio-environmental projects in the United States,” said the company in an announcement.

Credits will be provided to customers that return both dry and refrigerated containers originating from nearly 20 Asian countries to CMA CGM-approved return locations in port cities throughout the United States (rail ramps not included).

The Marseille-headquartered shipping firm pointed out that TEUs to Trees is its third programme to encourage early pickup and return of containers.

CMA CGM said that throughout the new project, each applicable importer of record (consignee listed on the Bill of Lading) will receive 2.5 tons of carbon credits per container returned during calendar days 1–4 and a progress report every 30 days.

To calculate the credit, CMA CGM will utilise Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction data and will not require invoices or additional documentation from customers. At the end of the programme, customers will be issued an official carbon offset certificate for the total credits earned.

“Encouraging customers to return boxes sooner provides additional containers and chassis for export bookings, and the type of incentive we are offering will result in the formation of new socio-environmental projects right here in the United States. It is our hope that through this programme, others in the industry will be inspired to leverage their capabilities to positively impact the environment and our local communities,” commented the president of CMA CGM America and American President Lines, Ed Aldridge.

Source: Container News

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