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CMA CGM revamps EURONAF service


French ocean carrier CMA CGM has revised its EURONAF service, which will now consist of four loops instead of two.

In Loop 1, CMA CGM will deploy three 1,700 TEU container vessels on the following 21-day rotation:

Malta (Italy) – Marseille (France) – Bejaia (Algeria) – Malta

Loop 2 will run between the ports of Barcelona and Oran with one vessel of 850 TEUs and one vessel of 1,700 TEUs. The frequency of the loop will be weekly on a 14-day cycle. The port rotation will be Barcelona (Spain) – Oran (Algeria) – Barcelona.

Two 1,300 TEU boxhsips will be used on the Loop 3, sailing under the following 14-day port rotation:

Genoa (Italy) – Marseille (France) – Alger (Algeria)

Finally, the Loop 4 will be operated by a fleet of three vessels each carrying 1,100 TEUs. The frequency will be weekly on a 21-day cycle and the rotation will be as follows:

Livorno (Italy) – Genoa (Italy) – Marseille (France) – Barcelona (Spain) – Tanger (Morroco) – Oran (Algeria) – Mostaganem (Algeria) – Livorno

CMA CGM said it will now offer expanded connectivity, optimised service regularity and schedule reliability, extensive port coverage in West Mediterranean and better service frequency with four departures per week.

Source: Container News

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