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MSC pushes up rates from South Africa to Europe


The Swiss shipping company MSC will apply new freight rate increases for shipments travelling from South Africa to Europe, which will be effective from 11 October.

In particular, the Geneva-based liner operator will push up its Freight All Kinds (FAK) rates for 20′ and 40′ dry cargoes transshipped from the African ports of Durban, Coega and Cape Town to the destinations of Antwerp, Rotterdam, London Gateway and Le Havre.

The newly formed prices after the increase for the aforementioned sailings will be US$1,950 and US$1,650 per 20′ and 40′ standard container respectively.

For the shipments from Durban destined to the port of Antwerp, the price per 40′ box will be US$1,550.

Source: Container News

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