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MSC tops schedule reliability rankings in June


MSC was the most reliable top-14 carrier in June 2023, with 70.6% schedule reliability, followed by Maersk with 69.9%, according to a recent analysis of Sea-Intelligence.

MSC was the only carrier with schedule reliability of more than 70%, while the other six carriers (including Maersk) had schedule reliability ranging from 60% to 70%. Six of the remaining seven carriers had schedule reliability of 50%-60%, with HMM (48.3%) being the only one with less than 50%.

In addition, MSC was the only top-14 carrier to have an M/M gain in June 2023, although a modest 0.3% point increase, with two of the remaining 13 carriers experiencing double-digit M/M reductions. On a year-on-year basis, however, all 14 carriers improved by double digits, with Wan Hai improving by the most, 35.2% points.

Additionally, the global schedule reliability, which has been increasing throughout the year, marked its first M/M decrease of 2.5 percentage points falling to 64.3% in June. However, schedule reliability is up 24.4 percentage points year-on-year.

In contrast, the average delay for late vessel arrivals improved slightly by 0.1 days reaching 4.36 days. In the last three months (including June), the average delay for late vessel arrivals has been within 0.03 days, while on a Y/Y level, the average delay figure was 2.01 days lower.

Source: Container News

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