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Port of Algeciras sees 3% cargo growth in Q1 2024


During the first quarter of 2024, the Port of Algeciras experienced a 3.30% increase in cargo throughput, reaching 26.6 million tonnes.

This growth was primarily driven by a surge in Liquid Bulks, with 7.5 million tonnes of crude unloaded and refined fuels loaded at the port, marking a 14% increase.

Additionally, Container Throughput contributed to the cargo volume, with 1.17 million TEUs handled at the two terminals, reflecting a 4.6% rise. Despite this growth, these figures still fall 10% short of the best first-quarter performance at the Port of Algeciras.

Across both terminals, 900 containerships were serviced, including fifty mega-ships. Although March saw some disruption due to storms, the supply of bunkers to ships increased by 10.50%, totalling 869,236 tonnes.

Also, maritime traffic in the Straits of Gibraltar was impacted by continuous storm depressions hitting the Spanish mainland, particularly affecting the Tarifa-Tangiers Ville line.

Nonetheless, the quarter concluded with positive numbers, including 969,025 passengers (up 12%), 209,956 cars (up 18%), and 135,615 HGVs (up 6.9%) utilizing the port of Algecira’s sea links.

Source: Container News

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