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Port of Barcelona presents its innovative aspirations through a new plan


Port of Barcelona has launched an innovation Plan in order to coordinate the promotion, under the same umbrella, of the various projects that change the way the port offers its services.

The presentation of the project was made by Damià Calvet, president of the Port of Barcelona, ​​and Emma Cobos, director of innovation and business strategy, who highlighted, among other things, its three main objectives.

The Innovation Plan is based on the concept of smart port and therefore considers that innovation must be sustainable, open, collaborative, demand-driven, in line with the port strategy and with a strong technological base.

The objectives of the project consist of strengthening the role of the port of Barcelona as a driver for economic growth and recovery, promoting innovation and digitalisation of the logistics ecosystem, and last but not least promoting synergies with the city in this area.

The Innovation Plan is structured around four lines of action:

  • Developing nimble and cross-cutting management tools involving the Port Community of Barcelona
  • Forging alliances with the innovative environment of Barcelona
  • Stimulating sectoral innovation
  • Disseminating the Port’s innovative activity

Port president Damià Calvet explained that Barcelona “is today one of Europe’s tech capitals, highlighting its commitment to developing mobility and energy model solutions that facilitate the transition to a sustainable city model that takes particular care of people and the environment”.

“We have set ourselves the goal that all of this powerful technological and innovative ecosystem that is being developed in Barcelona will look out to sea,” said Calvet.

The Innovation Plan, according to the Port’s director of innovation and business strategy, envisages “the creation of the BCN Port Innovation Foundation, which will facilitate the management of innovative initiatives and the acceleration of technological, environmental and energy transition projects that must facilitate the transformation of Barcelona and its Port.”

The BCN Port Innovation Foundation will be the meeting and discussion forum where port companies will discuss the growing challenges posed by international transport and logistics, and in which technology companies will offer disruptive solutions.

Emma Cobos explained that “there can be no open innovation without alliances and collaboration. In this connection, and to facilitate the development of the Innovation Plan, there are plans to promote the Blue District, a forum for sectorial innovation located mainly in the Port Vell area.”

Source: Container News

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