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Port of San Diego receives US$2.7 million grant for electrical upgrades


The Port of San Diego accepted an approximately US$2.7 million grant from the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (SDAPCD), which provides incentive funding to support clean technology investments, especially in underserved communities.

The grant will partially fund electrical upgrades to power two new all-electric mobile harbor cranes that will help improve public health and reduce diesel particulates, a significant milestone in bringing cleaner air to the Portside communities of Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, and West National City.

The cranes will be the first of their kind in North America when they begin operating at the Port’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal (TAMT) in summer 2023.

“These cranes will replace our old diesel crane, eliminating a major source of pollution at our terminal. We will also gain a competitive edge over other West Coast ports. All of this means improved public health and air quality, more opportunities for the Port, and more jobs for our region,” commented chairman Dan Malcolm, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners.

In support of the electric cranes, the board also approved:

  • the use of approximately US$1.9 million of the Port’s Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) credit proceeds.
  • a construction contract with Leed Electric, Inc. for approximately US$8.9 million to make the needed electrical infrastructure improvements.

Source: Container News

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