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ZIM aims to improve operations through AI solutions


ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (ZIM) and Data Science Group (DSG) have signed a joint venture for the establishment of a Center of Excellence in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) which will update the shipping company’s operations.

ZIM aims to improve operations through AI solutionsFocusing on logistics, operations, finance, and trade, the centre will develop AI and machine learning solutions from the design stage to implementation.

The centre will employ teams from both the Israeli carrier and the DSG, including AI experts and engineers, who will work on the evaluation, validation, and development of the AI projects into ZIM’s operational environment.

According to the announcement, the team will develop advanced models to forecast demand, plan shipping routes, automate logistical processes while analysing the data accumulated from the shipping fleet, which carries 10,000 cargo containers to various seaports, allowing the rapid and efficient development of advanced AI solutions for the carrier.

“ZIM is advancing into the digital age and is leveraging the data it has accumulated over the years to gain new insights that will give it a significant advantage in the world of shipping, which in recent years has become more competitive than ever,” said Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of ZIM, Eyal Ben-Amram.

The only way for shipping companies to meet the growing container demand, caused by the Covid-19 crisis, is the use of AI-based forecasting models, according to CEO and co-founder of DSG, Elan Sasson, who pointed out that the container shipping market was already competitive in the past, but now has become even more so, and this trend is expected to continue to strengthen.


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