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Oakland reports container volume decline in 2023


Port of Oakland saw its container volumes decrease by 11.6% to 2,065,709 TEUs with full containers declining by 10.1% to 1,574,444 TEUs in 2023.

“2023 finished strong,” pointed out Port of Oakland Maritime Director Bryan Brandes, adding, “Carrier on-time performance has improved importer confidence and provided valuable vessel space for our agriculture exporters to move their products from Oakland.”

The Californian port’s full import and export container volumes rose in December 2023, showing signs that cargo volume at Oakland is returning. Full imports rose 16.4% to 76,347 TEUs and full exports climbed 12.9% to 65,801 TEUs.

“We anticipate a continued rebound in 2024 as we move on with our plans in modernizing the port and reducing emissions from our maritime operations,” said Brandes.

According to the port’s statement, US West Coast ports are seeing an increase in container activity due to shippers rerouting cargo originally destined to go through the Panama Canal, as the drought in Panama is limiting vessel traffic to US Gulf and East Coast ports through the canal.

Source: Container News

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